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Composting In Your Gutters

Do you want bugs and worms in your gutters rotting your wood and causing problems? Composting in your gutters can handle that.

We all know that compost attracts bugs and worms - so if you are interested in attracting bugs and worms, we recommend that you let your gutters do the work for you.  Composting in your gutters will have the advantage of not having complaints from your neighbors who don't want you to have a compost heap in your yard.  Because the compost is up high in your gutters, no one will suspect a thing and no one will know where that smell is coming from.

To add to the gutter compost heap, your old shingles will contribute "shingle grit" that will wash into your gutters.  The shingle grit is just like pouring coffee grinds into your gutters.

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